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Giving Sound of Your city (Şehrine Ses Ver)

Date of foundation 2013
Internet site www.sehrinesesver.com
Cause Sharing Culture, Everyone
For Profit or Not For Profit Not For Profit
Contact Merve Akdag Oner
Auditor YOK

Mission & Activities

Give Sound of Your City (Şehrine Ses Ver)  is a social design entreprise, working to create and spread collaborative production in the public spaces. We  work for the creation of livable cities and a productive society. For the project, “design” is used as an instrument for societal transformation and awareness. In this perspective, Give Sound of Your City is a social entrepreneurship project that designs products yielded with shared wisdo. In an interdisciplinary and creative environment, we apply  them on the living quarters of the cities.

In the perspective of the cities’ and societies’ contemporary needs and evolution  processes, Give Sound of Your City cares about three main topics:

  • Discovering and maintaining local potentials, characteristics,
  • Increasing social communication and awareness,
  • Creating solutions  through common language and reasoning.

For this aim, we bring together the aspirant people from different backgrounds and disciplines in a creative environment and builds up a network of stakeholders. Our goal is to combine the underlining concepts of the city, “dialogue” and “production”, with innovative designs performed at public spaces through interdisciplinary means and local connections. 

Exemple of recent projects:

  • In the first step of our studies, we started to structure the information of the city by making it accesible and understandable to the people. We did an infographic workshop and have been using it in our publications. We had organized 5 groups, each 3 persons, from different universities, age groups and different disciplines. We have issued all the process by websites. After that, the products, which are five different topics in a neighbourhood, could be seen many newspapers, magazines and web pages. They reached apprx. 500thousand people. 
  • Last summer, we have organized a summer school with a very experienced old architect Cengiz Bektaş. We have seen 5 ancient cities with his leading and explanation. Our goals were getting the aspect of our heritage culture, sharing the circular reasoning of building cities, surveying a land to be live in...etc. As a visionary setting, it gives us high level of aspiration by linking the ancient and contemporary. We have discover the un/awareness of the locals and villages about cultural roles in the world history and have seen big potential studying on it.

At this stage, we are not yet structured as an association. We are an initiative.


Main figures & Metrics

  # participants to workshops # mention in media # projects implemented Annual Budget
2013       zero

75 participants in 4 workshops

(two of them as a Design Biennale parallel activity, 1 summer school, 1 forum)

4 newspaper, min 80 issues on different websites, 2000 followers   zero
2015 Exp.        

Source of funds

We are not having any source of income, people particpating to workshop are covering theis costs

Board & staff

FounderMerve Akdağ Öner

People who have already volunteered