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Kuruluş Tarihi 2014
Web sitesi www.demdernek.org
İlgi Alanı Farkındalık, Diğer
Kar amacı güden/Kar amacı gütmeyen Kar amacı gütmeyen
İletİşİm Ayse Damla ISERI
Denetçi Rıza Mısır (Mali Müşavir)

Misyon ve Vizyon

Dem was founded in 2014 with the purpose of executing empathy based social responsibility projects and social enterprises, which can be integrated to and harmonize with the daily routine. Foundation determines a theme of empathy periodically and shape their work accordingly. Theme for 2014 - 2017 is: Empathy with the Deaf.

Within the frame of defined theme, the objective is to initiate perception transformation for the deaf in Turkey by recognizing them through Turkish Sign Language and the culture that  language itself intrinsically creates. And, Dem intend to achieve that transformation with alternative and joyous methods in order to deprive the traditionally ingrained feeling dominates public’s perception, pity.

Our ultimate goal is to execute Project Coffee Pot - Third Wave Coffee, Third Way of Thinking: Each being social businesses, to open 3rd places combining Turkish Sign Language and its culture with third wave coffee culture. Each pot will act as multipurpose deaf platforms, where deaf could value their culture, initiate a dialogue with non-deaf coming for coffee and build a community.

To fundraise for the project and to build awareness, we have developed the project: Sign Your Love.

Sign Your Love is an event adoptable to concept, space and time that establishes first acquaintanceship with Sign Language with theme of love. Participants learn how to sign their love, then get filmed while signing. After editing, participants receive their video.

Sign Your Love Team:

  • Ayse Damla Iseri - Concept Developer
  • Koray Guntekin - Event Coordinator 
  • Öner Adıyaman - Creative
  • Beste Özer - Media Coordinator
  • Cem Barutçu - Sign Language Advisor / Translator ( deaf )
  • Hale Bozacı - Sign Language Advisor / Translator ( non-deaf sign language teacher )
  • Ahu Akın - Sign Language Advisor / Translator ( non-deaf sign language teacher )

Sign Your Love has already been organized three times:

  1. February 7th, 2015 // An Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift: Sign Your Love
  • Number of participants (ticketed) : 138
  • Total number of participants: 170 ( estimated )
  • Ticket Price: 20 TL ( videos were given in a CD )
  • Total Revenue: 2.760 TL + donations

To have a better idea please watch: https://vimeo.com/119749343


  1. September 17th, 2015 // Sign Your Love at Dem Karaköy
  • Number of participants (ticketed) : 40
  • Total number of participants: 60 ( estimated )
  • Ticket Price: 50 TL  ( videos were given in a CD )
  • Revenue: 2.000 TL + sales
  1. October 4th, 2015 // Sign Your Love with Your Dog
  • Number of participants (ticketed) : 50
  • Total number of participants: 70 ( estimated )
  • Ticket Price: 50 TL ( videos were given in a CD )
  • Revenue: 2.500 TL + donations + sales

Temel Finansal Figürler ve Metrikler

  # registred visitors to event     Total revenues (TL)  
2015 228     8.260 TL  


Mevcut ana fonlama kaynağı

See in the description, funds are raised through events + small donations monetary and inkind.

Dem also estalbished Dem Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi to be able to "sell" their services.

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BaşkanAyşe Damla İşeri
Başkan yardımcısıBiken Günal
SaymanAybike İplikçi
Genel SekreterBeste Özer
Yönetim Kurulu ÜyesiCem Barutçu

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