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Donation - How do we do it?

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What do we try to do

Donation is the act of giving money without any compensation, generally for a good cause.

Although at first, our idea was to provide all kind of ways to individuals to support NGOs, we realised quite fast that as long as [email protected] will not be better known, these individuals wil not trust the platform and hence will not use it to donate money. At this stage, we have closed this possibility but are still interested by the subject. 

At the beginning, in order to create trust in our donation, we were trying to be as transparent as possible:

  • All donations were going directly from the donor account to the recipient (the CSO) account[email protected] was not involved and is not taking any money or % out of it. 
  • All donor can find information on the NGO in a very compact way. We are also showing the metrics and the impact that CSO has. 
  • Before posted online, all projects were  "accepted" by a reputable external auditor (currently Mazars Denge)
  • That same auditor was reviewing the use of fund after disbursement
  • The NGO was communicating after the disbursement on the use of the money

We were hoping that by doing so, we would have created a trusted environment in which individuals would have been confident to give money and enable CSOs to diversify their source of funding.


Our current partners

Our recent projects

Our closed projects

Empowering Youth

Youth on the Way of Democracy and Human Rights! 1.200TL needed.                                                                                                  

34.3% given of TL1,200.00
Support the raising of one child

Contribute to the costs linked to raising a child for one year (1.000TL/child)! 

38.1% given of TL1,000.00
Running for TOG

Support us running for TOG on November the 16th.

24.1% given of TL1,000.00
Running for Koruncuk

Support us running for Koruncuk on November the 16th.

20.5% given of TL2,800.00