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Pledge - How do we do it?

There are generally two different kinds: Reward based or Equity Based:

Equity Based Crowdfunding

One entrepreneur will sell really shares to some unknown persons through a platform. 

C@rma is not providing this model


Reward Based Crowdfunding

The business model is used by project-owners who want to collect donations for a specific project and can give (often small) non-financial rewards in return. The rewards are of a symbolic value and provided by the investee. A reward should not be understood as a token of appreciation. It is increasing being used as a mean of pre-selling products and therefore generating revenues for the business.

Some platforms are already providing these services in Turkey. We, as C@rma, aim at being an aggregator of these platforms. Any visitor to C@rma website would be able to see these opportunities provided on partner platforms. By clicking on the project, the visitor will be directly redireted to the partner platform. Our only objective is to provide to the user another way by which (s)he can support his/her community.

Based on the success of C@rma, we hope to be able to provide this opportunity very soon.