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4 month support from corporate firms to Civil Society

The most difficult thing to do while supporting an NGO, individually or as a group is to maintain the energy and the motivation. It is one thing to be willing and excited to start something new but this is something else to actually go to the end of it despite multiple challenges. This is the reason why we started our 4 months format where we are supporting 10 professionals from a company to support one NGO reach some of their objectives during a period of 4 months.



Does everyone qualify as Social Entrepreneur?

I have been giving a lot of thought these last months about the notion of social entrepreneur and its sustainability. There are a lot of confusion while using the word which is normal since it is a new concept but for me, there are really two different things, the business companies with a social angle and the real social entrepreneur looking to change the ecosystem in the (very) long run.


Summary of the Pro Bono week

5 events, 217 unique participation, 15 CSOs featured, 412 Pro Bono hours volunteered....high satisfaction from participants...
We close the Pro Bono week exhausted but so happy by its success. Read more about it.


[email protected] founding blocks

Our first objective is of course to provide professionals skills on a Pro Bono basis to Turkish Civil Society organizations...but what kind of ecosystem do we need to build to get there? Read more


Speed dating 27/05 Program

Join us on Friday 27/05 for a full day of Pro Bono Speed dating in Bilgi University. We will have TOG, TOÇEV, BildirIZ, YenidenBiz, SPOD, Acik Acik and Pembe Hanım and we need skills like marketing, communication, social media, expert in education, corporate runners, product development, HR, strategy and plenty of others. See program.


Why Singapore?

Why Singapore? Why a “Global Pro Bono Network”?

Last week, [email protected] gathered with 35 other organisations from 27 countries to share best practices around Pro Bono. We met participants from Chile, Peru, US, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, China, Australia, etc. It was a strange feeling to be among professionals knowing exactly what Pro Bono is, its advantages and the difficulties to implement it.