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Lend- How do we do it?

2 kind of Lending can be provided by the crowd:

Lending Crowdfunding

A company borrows money from a group of people instead of a bank. The role of the platforms can be diverse. Some of the platforms will act as middle men and make the repayment to the lenders, whereas other platforms act only as match makers and the borrower and the lenders will be connected when the deal is closed. The main motivation for the funder is a (higher) financial return.
We will not engage in that in the short term.


Social Lending crowdfunding:

Social lending relates to interest free loans. The motivation from the lender side is very similar to donation-based crowdfunding- positive social return. This form of crowdfunding combines the collective interest in social change and the financial needs of the target group.

It all starts generally from an organisation (often with a special authorisation) which will provide loans to target groups. Through close follow up, they will ensure the repayment of these loans. This organisation can receive financing from different sources but one of this source can be the crowd. In this case, we are calling that Social lending crowdfunding. 

[email protected] would like to work and support these organisations which are, in Turkey, authorised to provide these small loans. We would like to be able to show their project on our website to enable individuals to provide them with the required funding. We havent started negotiations; this is a medium term project.