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TUSEV Türkİye Üçüncü Sektör Vakfı (TUSEV)

Date of foundation 1993
Internet site tusev.org.tr
Cause Democracy, Civil Organizations
For Profit or Not For Profit Not For Profit
Contact Liana Varon
Auditor HAYATİ ŞAHİN - Birleşik Uzmanlar YMM ve Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş.

Mission & Activities

TUSEV was established in 1993 by Turkey’s leading civil society organizations, and has grown to a supporting network of over 100 associations and foundations that share a vision of strengthening the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the non-profit sector in Turkey.

TUSEV’s programming is designed to:

  • Promote a legally and fiscally enabling environment for non-profit organizations,
  • Encourage strategic and effective giving,
  • Facilitate partnerships across the public, private & third sectors,
  • Support and engage the international community in learning about and collaborating with the Turkish third sector,
  • Conduct research on the sector's role, needs and dynamics to serve as a basis for civil society strengthening initiatives.

Main figures & Metrics

  Developing information sources about civil society and philanthropy through publications and meetings/conferences Strengthening the international relations of civil society organizations in Turkey Raising awarness on the issues related with CSOs in Turkey Total Revenues (TL)  
2011 CIVICUS CSI Country Report:Civil Society in Turkey: At a Turning Point European Movement International Conference www.tusev.org
E-newsletters (TR& ENG)
Social Media (Facebook and twitter)
Media visibility
2012 Civil Society Monitoring Report 2011
Good Practices and Guidelines for CSR Programmes
International Social Entrepreneurship Conference Same
+ www.degisimicinbagis.org
2013 Civil Society Monitoring Report 2012 
Inspiring Stories and Guidebook for Individual Donors
New Approaches in Civil Society Conference
Civil Society Public Sector Cooperation International Conference idem



2014 Expected Civil Society Monitoring Report 2013




Source of funds

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Board & staff

ChairmanProf. Dr. Üstün Ergüder
Vice Chairmanİnal Avcı
Vice ChairmanTimur Erk
Secretary GeneralTevfik Başak Ersen
Deputy Secretary GeneralLiana Varon
Board MemberZerrin Koyunsağan, Sabancı Foundation
Board MemberMine Yıldız Günay, Turkish Education Foundation
Board MemberCandan Fetvacı, Aydın Doğan Foundation
Board MemberDeniz Ataç, TEMA Foundation
Board MemberAlparslan Tansuğ, ENKA Sports, Education, and Social Assistance Foundation
Board MemberHasan Süel, Vodafone Turkey Foundation
Board Memberİlhan Üttü, Elginkan Foundation
Board MemberSelim Güven, Anadolu Foundation

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