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TOHUM - Tohum Türkiye Otizm Erken Tanı ve Eğitim Vakfı (Tohum)

Date of foundation 2003
Internet site www.tohumotizm.org.tr
Cause Health, Children
For Profit or Not For Profit Not For Profit
Contact Özgül Gürel
Auditor Güreli Yeminli denetim

Mission & Activities

Tohum activities:

  • Tohum Foundation Special Needs School with 128 students coming full time or part time and benefiting from a taylor made learning environment; 50% of the children are able to join thereafter an inclusive school
  • Vocational school for youth between 15 & 18 y old where they can learn about Housekeeping, textile and tourism and be provided with Internships thereafter
  • My Tablet Speaks 4 Me!: Tablet as a method of teaching to the students with autism, their teachers and parents
  • Tohum Autism Education Portal with free information for parents - 12.000 members
  • Inclusion seminars - 20 schools, 13.000 students

Vision: To Ensure

  • Early diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD)”
  • Fulfillment of health and educational needs of diagnosed children and their families in line with world standards.


  • Meet knowledge and support needs of children, with autism and other PDD, and their families in order to enable them to sustain their lives according to available contemporary standards, 
  • Ensure early and intensive special education for children with autism and other PDD and their subsequent placement in the least restrictive, inclusive educational environment,
  • Encourage the training of trainers to deliver the necessary education on autism and other PDD, and to ensure the conduct of researches and realization of education,  
  • Support and improve health and education services delivered on autism and other PDD throughout the country,
  • Achieve world standards in screening, detailed evaluation and diagnosis processes on autism and other PDD and their dissemination throughout the country,
  • Raise awareness on autism and other PDD

Main figures & Metrics

  # of children in school # of youth in vocational schools # of users portal Income (TL)  
2012       2.489.826 9.3%
2013       3.733.462 * 8.7%
2014 128 40 12.385    
2015       4.160.755  

*From which 441.000TL from financial results (TL3.3m cash)

** From which 790.000TL from financial results (TL5.4m cash)

Source of funds

  • SMS – 5290 number – 10 TL donated 
  • Burs Formu – PDF form to fill in Card Number and Contact Info
  • Online Donation
  • Online Store – Gift Card, T-shirt, Bracelet, Bookmark, Magnet, Tote Bag
  • Corporate Running team
  • Corporate Donations: => Mainly through project (Starbuck) or through inkind (ecazibasi with cleaning products or MSFT for all the software)

Board & staff

ChairmanMine Narin
Vice ChairmanAylin Sezgin
CoordinatorBetül Olgun
Board MemberAyşe Canan Edipoğlu
Board MemberCaroline N. Koç
Board MemberAka Gündüz Özdemir
Board MemberAyşen Özyeğin

Bank details

TLTR73 0004 6002 7788 8000 0050 55
$TR94 0004 6002 7700 1000 0050 56
TR44 0004 6002 7703 6000 0050 57
TLTR64 0006 2000 0280 0000 0050 55
$TR37 0006 2000 0280 0000 0050 56
TR10 0006 2000 0280 0000 0050 57

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